Bahrain: Private school applications for fee amendment in review

Fees amendment applications of private educational institutions under review.
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The Assistant Undersecretary for Special and Continuous Education at the Ministry of Education Jaffar Al-Sheikh confirmed that applications for reviewing tuition fees submitted by private educational institutions, which include private schools, kindergartens, institutes, and private educational centers, are subject to study by the Ministry’s committee, which makes its decisions to approve or reject according to strict criteria based on Decree-Law No. 25 of 1998.

He added that the approval to amend the fees for private schools is determined by the existence of a number of convincing justifications.

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He also said that the ministry does not agree to increase the fees of any private school that is underperformed, or that has committed violations of the license conditions, but that the application of the school can be increased by 5% in case it does not have irregularities and if it is subject to financial losses.



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