Bahrain: Proposal to reserve certain jobs for Bahrainis

Shura Council has voted to take back the proposal it passed with the intention of studying it further.
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MP Ghazi Al Rahma has urged his fellow MPs to vote for a proposal he had submitted a few months ago, demanding the authorities to form a list of professions that should be reserved for citizens.

Limiting certain jobs to Bahrainis isn’t a discriminative move, the parliamentarian told. Insisting that the proposal isn’t “discriminative”, as alleged, he said similar rules exist in fellow GCC countries.

“We have large numbers of unemployed Bahraini graduates in many fields and we need to come up with solutions to employ them,” the MP said.

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The proposal, which was submitted by Mr Al Rahma earlier this year, was rejected by the government and will be voted on by the Council of Representatives in an extraordinary final session of the legislative term today.

It initially includes several positions in different job fields, such as accountants, human resources specialists, legal consultants, financial consultants, financial experts,  information technology specialists and other jobs.

Source Credit: DT News



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