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Bahrain: Proposal to amend “abortion law”

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Head of Bahrain Society of Physicians, Ghada Al-Qassim, revealed that the Society has submitted to the government a number of resolutions on the amendment to the new law to practice the profession of medicine and dentistry, to be an alternative to the current law issued in 1989, taking into account the many developments that took place in the field of medical sector in Bahrain and the world during the last decades.

One of the most important topics of change in the new law is the process of “abortion”. The proposal in the new law allows the abortion in certain special cases, pointing out that the Association of Physicians has used the decisions of the International Islamic Fiqh Academy and the decisions of the Board of Senior Scholars on this subject, and the Assembly has used the Islamic vision of some contemporary medical problems and some fatwas in Saudi Arabia and in the countries of the region in this regard.

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The current law, Article 19 indicates that the abortion may be performed only in the case of a risk to the life of the pregnant. Other provisions related to the fetus, to allow abortion in the event of a risk to the fetus and serious abnormalities that prevent the continuation of his life after childbirth, and in cases of rape are included in the new proposal.


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