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Bahrain: Proposal to impose annual fees on expat students

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A group of MPs has recently submitted a proposal to impose a BD100 monthly fee on each expat student studying in public schools.

The proposal was submitted by five MPs in order to amend the existing Law 27 of 2005 with regard to education, adding an article that stipulates imposing an amount of not less than BD100 a month or BD600 a year on each non-Bahraini pupil studying in public schools in the Kingdom. The new proposal also instructed to exclude students holding GCC nationalities from paying the fees.

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The MPs quoted some of the statistics in their proposal, mentioning that the proposed fee is low, considering the fact that each expat student annually costs the government BD3,000. The lawmakers also said the proposal aims to reduce the high costs on the Government of Bahrain and generate revenues as the expat students in public schools form a large percentage.

However, the proposal must go through a number of channels, including several committees of the council, before it could be referred to the 40-member council for voting. A similar proposal was rejected by the government in 2017. The previous proposal stipulated imposing annual fees of BD400 on non-Bahraini students studying in public schools. The existing law stipulates “fundamental (primary and intermediate) and secondary education should be free for all in public schools in the Kingdom”.


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