Bahrain: Proposal To Reduce 50% Governmental Charges For Pensioners

A bill, submitted by the Bahrain Council of Representatives services committee and scheduled for discussion on Tuesday, aims to bolster the financial stability of retirees. The centrepiece of this legislation is the introduction of a “Financial Security for Pensioners” card. Holders of this card will be entitled to a minimum 50% reduction in governmental charges and will also benefit from discounted rates on medical services at healthcare facilities. The service committee has stated that this bill represents a significant step forward and underscores our commitment to the well-being of our pensioners.

The Council’s Committee on Financial and Economic Affairs has praised the proposed legislation for its substantial contribution to our esteemed pensioners, who have dedicated themselves to the progress of the kingdom. By prioritising their financial well-being, we honour their lifelong commitment and service. Despite the support garnered from various entities, some concerns have been expressed. Upon reviewing the proposed legislation, the Supreme Council of Health has concluded that the intended goals of providing healthcare to all concerned indiscriminately are already being met. This positive assessment underscores the alignment of our efforts with existing initiatives.

The Ministry of Finance and National Economy has expressed some reservations, emphasising that singling out a particular group for funding allocation could impact the kingdom’s broader economic plans for financial stability. However, through fostering dialogue and collaboration, solutions can be found to balance the welfare of retirees and the overall economic health of the Kingdom.


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