Bahrain: Public Asked to Throw Garbage in Bins in the Absence of Cleaners

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Municipal Affairs called on citizens and residents to cooperate in putting waste inside garbage containers. This announcement was made by the Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs & Urban Planning.

The ministry has recommended to citizens and residents not to leave garbage bags in front of houses or roads without placing them in containers to ensure that the cleaning process will proceed normally.

The ministry noted that cooperation was most needed in order to prevent any accumulation of garbage in various areas in light of the examination procedures related to municipal workers mandatory quarantine in implementation of the precautionary measures and the preventive measures taken to contain and prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

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The ministry confirmed that a number of regulatory measures have been taken aimed at overcoming the existing challenge by activating the existing emergency plans.

It called on the people to communicate with the concerned municipality in any area to provide it with the necessary containers in the event of a shortage of containers.


It is noteworthy that many villages and cities of Bahrain urged, through various social media, to cooperate in this current period to help throw garbage and all waste in large containers designated for that until the return of cleaners and not to throw them next to homes or on the roads in order to preserve the safety and health of everyone.

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Most calls stressed that cleanliness is a social responsibility and a national duty.



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