Bahrain: Public School Accountant Faces Embezzlement Charges, Trial Adjourned For Closing Arguments

The trial of a public school accountant accused of embezzling BD1,800 has been postponed until June 25th, 2024, for closing arguments.

The defendant, responsible for managing the school’s finances, is charged with embezzling money from the school’s funds by altering invoices and purchase receipts.

An audit by the Ministry of Education’s financial resources department revealed the discrepensies and ensuing investigation.

Officials found that the suspect used correction fluid to alter amounts on the invoices to steal from the fund.

Investigators said the defendant made good use of her official responsibility to enter invoices into the system and print the disbursement vouchers.

She also served on the school’s finance committee, overseeing maintenance and procurement activities.

A forensic audit confirmed systematic embezzlement through invoice manipulation and payment processing within the school’s system, with the total embezzled exceeding 1,800 dinars.

The defendant appeared before the High Criminal Court to answer these charges, facing potential imprisonment and fines if convicted.


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