Bahrain: Public Servant Found Guilty of Bribery

The First Supreme Criminal Court of Appeal upheld a five-year prison sentence issued against a public servant who was found guilty of bribery. In addition to his jail term, the appellant, who was an official at the Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning Ministry, was also fined BD1,000 for the crime.

According to court files, the man was convicted after he requested a bribe worth BD2,000 from a local construction company to overlook a violation.

It claimed that the construction company fixed lights in a project for the Ministry not in accordance with the agreement signed between the two parties. Investigations revealed that changing the lights would cost the company a whopping BD18,000 and the employee of the ministry jumped at the opportunity and requested to be paid to overlook the violation.

The appellant was arrested red-handed as he was taking the money from the company.


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