Bahrain: Public utilities to be charged at Budaiya beach

Budaiya Beach
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A proposal to impose fees on public utility usage in Budaiya beach has been approved by the Finance and Legal Committee of the Northern Municipal Council and will be put to a vote at the ordinary meeting of the council members next Monday.

This proposal has come into consideration as Budaiya beach suffers from very heavy congestion and is subjected to sabotage from time to time. Various violations such as smoking shisha, bringing animals and bicycles into the park and the beach have also contributed to this proposal.

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The proposed entry fees for the beach will only be 200 fils and new public utilities other than the current will be built to accommodate the usage of around 20,000 coast visitors.

Lack of services such as security cameras and containers and a shortage of security guards are also the reasons behind the residents asking for the submission of such a proposal.


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