Bahrain: “Raising Food Delivery Fees Not Justified” Says BCCI

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“Delivery companies promised to review fees imposed on the delivery of restaurants’ orders,” Head of the Food Wealth and Agriculture Committee at the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), Khalid Al-Amin said.

Al-Amin, who assured that he met with the company’s officials, noted that they will discuss the matter with the top officials.

The Food Wealth and Agriculture Committee at the (BCCI) stressed that raising fees was not justified in the current circumstances, especially with the support of the government and state institutions such as (TAMKEEN) in the various operating expenses of companies.

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Al-Amin stressed that all options were on the table, including the option of establishing a Bahraini company that launches a special application for restaurants. But, he noted, that would be the last move.

Al-Amin assured that all were in a sensitive stage which required the concertation of all efforts.


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