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Bahrain Ranked Healthiest Arab Country

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The Kingdom of Bahrain has been ranked first in the Arab region as the healthiest country, and 36 in the world, among 169 countries around the world, based on various factors that reflect on health in general, and published by “Bloomberg” in a detailed report monitoring the health index globally.

The index ranks countries based on variables that include average age and dietary patterns, and (“penalizes/gives a lower degree” to risks such as obesity and tobacco smoking. It takes into account environmental factors such as clean water and sterilization.

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Arab countries also recorded relatively advanced positions among the 50 healthiest in the index, so Bahrain ranked first in the Arab world, and 36 in the world, after it was ranked 40 in the world rankings in 2017.

Qatar ranked second in the Arab world, and 37 globally, down from 36th in 2017.

Lebanon recorded a remarkable position on the list, by achieving the third position in the Arab world and 39 globally, after it was ranked 32 according to the 2017 ranking.

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The UAE ranked fourth in the Arab world, with its 46th appearance in the world, down from 43 in 2017.

Oman ranked fifth in the Arab world and 49th globally, which is one place down from the 2017 ranking.

While Spain and Italy ranked first and second on the index, respectively, Japan ranked fourth, and Israel ranked ten.



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