Bahrain: Rate of Fire Accidents Increase by 48%

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The rate of the Ministry of Interior’s patrols attending to fire accidents, ambulance and community services increased by 48%. This was revealed in an official statistic that has been recently published in various media.

The official statistic showed that the Ministry of Interior’s patrols response constituted 84% of the total number of cases until the end of last April.

According to official figures and data, the official statistic indicated, the spread of the COVID-19 and the entry into the holy month of Ramadan, the efforts of the police to assist in direct fire accidents, ambulances and community services witnessed an increase of 84% compared to last March, while the community services provided by the patrols of the rescue during the month of April increased by 76%  compared to the previous month.

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It is noteworthy that patrols attended to 14% of traffic cases, 2% of security issues, while the percentage of attended cases of community services reached 86%, along with 3% for fire accidents, 3% for ambulance, and 8% for other cases.



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