Bahrain Records Four Deaths in the Past 24 Hours

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The Ministry of Health confirmed that the immediate reporting of symptoms of Coronavirus (Covid-19) contributes to the early detection in the event of infection with the virus leading to the speed of isolating an existing condition and its treatment and recovery without being exposed to multiplier effects. This is in addition to the possibility of reducing the numbers of contacts and the speed of isolation, treatment and recovery, if tests prove the infection.

In the case of the four deaths that were recorded during the past twenty-four hours , the main reasons for the deterioration of their health condition is their delay in reporting immediately the appearance of symptoms on them.

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The Ministry of Health called upon all members of society to call 444 immediately after feeling any symptoms of the virus such as difficulty breathing, high temperature or coughing.

The Ministry noted the necessity for all to abide by the decisions issued by the relevant authorities based on the recommendations of the national medical team to tackle Coronavirus, and precautionary measures.



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