Bahrain Records Highest Single Day Rise in Coronavirus Cases

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The Ministry of Health in Bahrain recorded an additional 13 coronavirus cases today, bringing the total count of active cases to 764. Earlier, the ministry has announced 212 cases, among which 206 are expat workers. With a total of 225 new cases, the tally reached over 700.

The ministry has scaled up testing too. According to a press conference held today by the Ministry of Health, over 3,000 tests are being conducted on a daily basis.

This information is based on active cases in the webpage that was developed to show up-to-date Coronavirus (COVID-19) information in Bahrain.

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Currently, a total of 67,327 people have been tested and the total number of confirmed active cases is 764, amongst which 4 patients are in critical condition. To date, 591 patients have been discharged and 6 deaths have been confirmed.


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