Bahrain Records Wettest October This Year

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October was wetter and warmer than normal, despite the weather remaining unsettled with thunderstorms for over 6 days, latest met data shows. Bahrain had been affected by light rain in some areas on October 14, 17-18.

The data by the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications’ Meteorological Directorate said that the month was wet with 3 rainy days, accumulating 19.9 mm of precipitation at Bahrain International Airport (BIA).

This goes on record as the highest monthly total Precipitation for October at BIA since 1902 and 40 times more than the long-term normal for October which is 0.5 mm, according to the monthly weather summary.

The highest day with precipitation was 11.6 mm fell on October 22 at BIA. This goes on record as the highest daily total of Precipitation since 1948. The old record was 8.9 mm on 31 October 1969. Another amount of 3.3 mm fell on the 27th and 5.0 mm fell on October 28 to make the total monthly amount 19.9 mm at BIA. Trace amounts also recorded on October 20-21.

Thunderstorms occurred on 6 days. Heavy rain showers associated with thunderstorm & strong gusts affected the kingdom on October 22. This unsettled weather occurred due to series of upper troughs passed towards the Arabian Gulf and gust reached 39 knots with the visibility dropped that day to 800 meters at BIA.

A total precipitation of 19.0 mm fall at Sitra Island with gust reached 43 knots and a total precipitation of 2.4 mm fall at King Fahd Causeway with gust reached 44 knots were recorded on October 22.

The total monthly precipitation recorded for October 2018 at Sitra Island was 55.4 mm whereas the total precipitation at Durrat Al Bahrain was 20.8 mm and at King Fahd Causeway was 14.4 mm.

The mean temperature of the month was 30.9°C which is 1.7°C above the long-term normal and this goes on record as the third highest mean temperatures for the month of October since 1902 and exceeded by October 2015 with a record of 31.7°C and October 2017 with a record of 31.1°C.


Source Credit: DT News


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