Bahrain: Recovered COVID-19 Patients Invited to Donate Blood Plasma

During a press conference held today, the Ministry of Health urged those who recovered from coronavirus to donate blood plasma.

The invitation was extended to those recoverees who meet the conditions to donate their blood and contribute to the recovery of existing cases.

The plasma donation door has been opened in the blood bank of the Military Hospital, which has received more than 200 recovered people who meet the conditions.

Conditions that must be met by donors are: recovery from coronavirus, and enjoying good health that qualifies them to donate blood, having ended precautionary quarantine for a period of not less than two weeks, and that the result of the last nasal scan is negative.

Other conditions that must be met in a donor with convalescent plasma is that the donor does not suffer from any symptoms at the present time, that their weight be more than 50 kg, that the age of the donor be between 21 and 60 years.

Men and women can donate plasma. However, pregnant women are not allowed to donate.

Those who wish to donate to are asked to contact the blood donation department at the Royal Medical Services for more information.


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