Bahrain: Regulatory laws for public cleanliness issued

Improper waster disposal prohibited.
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The issuance of the public cleanliness law’s executive regulation will be a milestone in filling the legislative vacuum in the organization of public cleanliness.

The executive regulation prohibits spitting in public, leaving wastes whether placed in front of the houses or distributed in residential neighborhoods, except in containers. The requirement for sorting and treating waste in buildings is made tight and has security and safety requirements so as not to emit harmful gases or odors, and will also be away from residential neighborhoods. It also prevents the sorting or treatment of waste without a license.

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The law set fines for violators starting from BD50 and not exceeding BD300 dinars for violators of some articles, while the fines of some other articles start from BD500 without exceeding BD1000.

There is a possibility of reconciliation with the municipality without resorting to the court. This is possible when the violator pays one-third of the maximum amount of the fine prescribed for violations of all kinds before referral to the competent court, and two-thirds of the fine prescribed after referral to the court and before the verdict.

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The regulation states that following the procedures of violation of dumping, leaving, or collecting, sorting or treating waste in places other than the designated or licensed places, the producer or carrier of the waste shall be notified of the violation which should be corrected by its immediate removal. The removal costs are estimated by calculating an amount not less than BD80 for each shipment that does not exceed 12 cubic meters if the removal is done by the municipality or the competent secretariat through a contractor for this purpose.


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