Bahrain reports 9,366 coronavirus cases in total

Doctors and nurses are seen doing their final check on the equipment in a makeshift ICU "Field Intensive Care Unit 1" set up by Bahrian authorities to treat the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) critical patients, at a car-park of Bahrain Defence Force Hospital in Riffa. (Reuters)
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The Ministry of Health announces 195 new active cases today rising the total number of cases reported in Bahrain to 9,366. 

The Ministry of Health also recorded that 4,405 cases are stable and 9 cases are critical. However, only 24active cases are receiving treatment and 4,938 cases have been discharged as of today. 



Currently, the active cases reach 4,414 with 286,223 people being tested in the Kingdom. 14 deaths have been recorded in total.


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