Bahrain: Restaurant in Budaiya Shut Down Due to Food Safety Violations

The Ministry of Health has closed a restaurant in the Budaiya area of the Northern Governorate after receiving a complaint about its failure to comply with necessary health requirements and improper food storage and preparation practices.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Health Ministry took prompt action and closed the restaurant immediately due to the direct risk it posed to consumer health. Professor Faisal Al Sari, Head of the Food Control Department at the Health Ministry, clarified that the closure was not related to the type of meat used but rather the violations concerning food storage and preparation requirements.

The closure was carried out in accordance with the Kingdom of Bahrain’s existing procedures and laws. Al Sari emphasised the importance of reporting any health violations that may directly endanger consumers. Both ministries promptly investigate such complaints to ensure the health and well-being of the public. This step is vital in preserving a healthy environment and improving the overall standards of restaurants.


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