Bahrain: Restaurants in Muharraq Flagged for Health Violations

Several restaurants in Muharraq were flagged by officials for non-compliance with health and hygiene laws during an inspection tour recently. The campaign was in coordination with the Muharraq Municipal Council and the Ministry of Health.

Officials said despite serving warnings, several of these restaurants continue to show negligence, as have several cafeterias serving karak and light foods. The main issue is that the customers are not privy to what occurs inside, and are hence oblivious to the unhygienic practices. 

“We hope the owners of these shops, those who supervise them directly or lease them to others, will pay attention and avoid legal action. Muhammad Al-Mahmoud, said: “We checked several restaurants and refrigerators in the area to ensure adherence to hygiene and proper storage practices.”

The representative of the third district, Abdul Qadir Al-Sayed, said they succeeded in forcing shops to adhere to the laws and regulations.



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