Bahrain: Revamp Of Old Manama Market In Full Swing

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The revamping of iconic market in the heart of Manama is right on track in it first phase, said the Vice-Chairman for the Development of Old Manama Market National Committee, Mahmoud Al Namliti yesterday.

Renovation project is part of government efforts to preserve and highlight the Kingdom’s history and heritage. The first phase revamping includes the development of walkway, setting up new shops as well as a unique gold souq, according to Mr Namliti.

Manama Market is one of the most important markets in the Kingdom with a diverse and vibrant variety of shops offering a variety of goods including textiles, spices, perfumes, handicraft and other items.

The renovation plan also includes the restoration of the Bahrain Hotel, the first hotel in the region, and the transformation of the old heritage postal building into a museum.

“Over 1,500 parking spaces will be allocated. An information desk will be set up. The revamp project will primarily serve the economy and tourism sectors.

“It is of great importance to develop the Old Manama Market to make it a tourist and commercial destination, highlighting the Kingdom’s history and heritage.

“The government is keen on completing the project at the earliest.”

Source Credit: DT News


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