Bahrain: School staff caught for selling work visas

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A woman employee at a private school managed to supply 17 work visas for foreigners, selling them for BD200 each without the knowledge of school management.
Her wrongdoing was discovered after a man went to the school to inquire about an Arab woman’s sponsorship. According to him, the Arab woman had shifted sponsorship from him to the school management.
But the school administration informed him they were not employing that particular woman. However, they were shocked when the man showed them official sponsorship documents. Upon enquiry, it was found that the accused was responsible for supplying visas.
“I only obtained the visa for the Arab woman because I was going through financial crisis,” she told her superiors, pledging not to repeat it again.  Shortly after, however, another man went to the school and made a similar inquiry and this time an Arab man had obtained the visa.
The accused was questioned again by the owners of the school and she told them she did the act only twice. The owners of the school then made an enquiry with the Labour Market Regulatory Authority, which revealed she had obtained 17 visas before selling them outside.
The employee was put on trial on forgery charges. During questioning before the Public Prosecution, she branded the accusations against her as malicious.
“I have disputes with the school and this is the reason why I was made accused. I did everything based on their orders.”
According to court files, the woman served the school for nearly 20 years, during which she committed her crime.
Source Credit: DT News


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