Bahrain: School threatens to sue parents for defamation

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Bahrain’s DT News reports on a fast escalating row between the management of the Indian School Bahrain (ISB) and a group of parents, with the school threatening to take legal actions against the parents for ‘derogatory’ comments against the school.

The parents are accusing the school’s trustees of mismanagement and corruption. The allegation has been rejected by the school.

In a letter sent to DT News, the parents claimed that the school is imposing “unjustified” fees for un-billed booklets and poor-quality stationary items and the management is “pricking the consciousness of all the parents”.

The parents also blames the ISB management for lack of efficiency. The school, parents said, “Is not fully utilising the spaces available at its Riffa campus.”

When approached by DT News, the ISB management denied the accusations in the letter stating that the cost of the prospectus and stationary items were fair, and adding that “receipts were handed over to the parents through the students”.

ISB management also clarified that the committee is still marred with debts and pending payments to transport contractor and other suppliers, in spite of all austerity measures.

The school insisted that it’s operating with total transparency and is following a proper system. “There is no scope for any individual to influence or favour any decision making” as hinted in the parent’s letter.

However, the management told DT News that some of the decisions will be reviewed by concerned departments in the school based on parents’ feedback.

Source – DT News


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