Bahrain: Second Best Country In The World For Expats

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Bahrain is the second best country in the world for expats to work according to a new survey from HSBC. The Middle East nation took over the UK, Switzerland or even the United States in terms of career opportunities, progression and fulfilment.

Bahrain has surpassed its previous ranking in the 2018 HSBC Expat Explorer Survey as the top destination in the Middle East region for individuals from across the world to resettle and enjoy an exceptional quality of life.

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Based on responses from 22,318 expats working in 163 countries, the report measured those destinations deemed best for international workers along a series of metrics — such as work/life balance, earnings prospects and career development. It found that select nations in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region scored most highly.

Bahrain is the only MENA nation in the 2018 HSBC survey rankings to have improved its position among the top 10 destinations considered. The survey revealed that the top five countries for expat workers were all outside North America and Asia. The number one spot belongs to Germany.

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Britain jumped up the list of the best places for expats to work even as the government moves to tighten restrictions on foreigners coming to the country.

The top ten is as follows:

  1. Germany
  2. Bahrain
  3. UK
  4. UAE
  5. Switzerland
  6. Sweden
  7. Singapore
  8. USA
  9. Canada
  10. Hong Kong


Source Credit: International Investment


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