Bahrain: Security Forces To Manage Issue Of Stray Dogs

stray dogs in bahrain
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The issue of stray dogs is a matter that should be handled by the security forces and not Animal Welfare suggests the Chairman of the Southern Municipal.

After castrating nearly 100 dogs during their four-day campaign, Animal and Environment Welfare Society is currently in the second phase of their sterilizing campaign in a bid to address the issues of strays.

Hunting and sterilizing the mongrels is expensive with the castration of each dog amounting to BD 38, these are a few reasons why the task should be handed over the security forces according to the official.

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The Chairman pointed out that some countries tend to poison stray dogs as they pose as a potential threat to the public.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Works, Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning is currently working on a shelter for strays which is scheduled to be ready in six months.


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