Bahrain Sentences 3 to One Year Prison for Violating Islam Foundations

The Fourth Criminal Court sentenced three convicts to one year in prison for violating the foundations of Islam and disgracefully humiliating prophets.

The trio, who are members of “Al-Tajdid Cultural and Social Society”, were put on trial following a thorough investigation by the Public Prosecution into the charges levelled at them. Acting on a tip-off by the Ministry of Social Development and another by the Anti-Cybercrime Department, the three suspects were found guilty of violating the tenets of Islam and humiliating prophets.

The defendants stood trial and were proven guilty of the charges levelled at them. They were accused of deliberately undermining the basics of the Islamic religion, on which all Muslims and sects agree, by posting blogs and videos on the Internet casting doubt on the Islamic faith and mocking the prophets.


Bahrain News Agency

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