Bahrain sentences man to 5 years prison for stabbing coworker

The High Criminal Court has sentenced a man to five years in prison for stabbing a restaurant coworker during a heated argument that ended fatally. It also ordered his deportation from Bahrain after serving the jail term.

An argument between the two erupted, resulting in one of them stabbing the other with a knife, causing injuries that caused him to suffer permanent disability estimated at 20%.

The defendant underwent an operation in which part of his body was removed, as a result of which he has become partially handicapped.

The Court also sentenced another defendant to six months in prison and ordered for his deportation after attempting to conceal the knife used in the accident.

According to the details of the case, the duo were working in the same restaurant. The victim was working as a cleaner, while the perpetrator was tasked with preparing food. A dispute arose between them on the day of the incident, after which the accused pulled the knife used in preparing the food and stabbed the victim in the waist.

The latter fell in a pool of his blood and was taken later to the hospital. The second accused, a friend of the culprit, hid the knife inside a water tank. However, investigators managed to solve the case and recover the knife. The two men were put on trial.


Daily Tribune
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