Bahrain: “Serial Killer” Who Hates Expats Faces Death Penalty

Death Penalty
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A suspected Bahraini serial killer is now facing the death penalty after a report on his mental state confirmed that he was responsible for his actions.

The defendant was ordered earlier to be mentally evaluated to determine whether he was responsible for his action. The man is accused of attacking four Asian men, leaving two of them dead.

The 25-year-old man told investigators that his crimes were driven by hatred that stemmed after being sacked from his job.

“In my latest job I was drawing a salary of BD300 monthly, but I was fired three months after joining,” he said, in his statement before prosecutors.

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“This caused me to hate expatriates because they were still working, while I was fired.

“I, then decided to kill as many of them I could.”

The body of the first victim, Indian national Sajat Ali, was discovered on March 29 in Tubli. In his statement, the defendant described sneaking up on Mr. Ali from behind before repeatedly smashing his head with the hammer.

The suspect murdered his second victim, another Indian national Mohammed Khan, on April 13 and the method was the same.

“On April 13, I saw an Asian man riding his cycle. I decided immediately to kill him. I brought the hammer from my car and I drove my car in front of him.

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“I waited for him to pass by me and I pounced on him with the hammer.

“I knew he was dying. I moved his body to take out his wallet from his trousers and it was empty,” he said.

The suspect was arrested after the police launched a manhunt following the discovery of dead bodies of his victims. The man was put on trial over murder and robbery charges.


Source: DT News