Bahrain to set up 5MW renewable energy plant

Bahrain’s Electricity and Water Authority (Ewa) is set to build a pilot power plant that will produce up to five megawatts (MW) of electricity from renewable resources, said a report.

The project, which will come up on 12 hectares of land at Al Dour in the Southern Region of Bahrain, is being built at a cost of around BD6.5 million ($17.1 million).

The plant will produce 3 MW of solar energy and 2 MW of wind energy, reported BNA.

The project comes in line with the National Renewable Energy Plan approved by the government to achieve five percent of the total renewable energy consumption in Bahrain by 2025, it stated, citing the country’s Electricity and Water Affairs Minister Dr. Abdulhussain Mirza.

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He was speaking to the media after visiting the renewable energy pilot project site accompanied by EWA’s chief executive Shaikh Nawaf bin Ibrahim Al Khalifa and officials of the Sustainable Energy Unit.

The minister said this is the first time wind energy was being used in Bahrain.

Dr Mirza said the interest in renewable energy comes at the directives of the wise leadership to encourage the use of clean energy to achieve sustainable development.

“The efforts by the EWA are an important step towards achieving the national sustainable development goals (SDGs),” he added.

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Source Credit: Trade Arabia