Bahrain: Seven Terrorists Sentenced Over Oil Pipeline Blast

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The High Criminal Court sentenced seven citizens to prison terms, stripping six of their nationality after finding the group guilty of the Buri oil pipeline blast on 10 November 2017.

According to Bahrain News Agency (BNA), five of the defendants were handed life sentences, one was given 10 years behind bars and another five years.

The defendants were convicted with establishing and joining a terrorist group, handling, possession and using explosives and detonation of the terrorist blast, receiving training on the use of weapons and explosives to commit terrorist crimes and financing the terrorist group.

In the case files, two suspects had established a terrorist group and recruited the remaining suspects. Another two suspects received training on the use and making of weapons and explosives in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard camps for the purpose of committing terrorist crimes in Bahrain.

One of the suspects led the terrorist group on November 10 to a meeting and distributed roles amongst themselves. They planted the explosive device in the pipeline which they detonated damaging the pipeline as well as houses, shops and cars in the vicinity of the blast site.

Five suspects were arrested and referred to the Public Prosecution. The Public Prosecution included proven charges levelled against the defendants, confessions of four defendants, witnesses’ testimonies, seized materials, technical evidence such as laboratory reports which confirmed their crimes.

The case was deliberated during by the court in the presence of defendants and their lawyers who presented their legal arguments and were provided with all the legal sureties.


Source Credit: BNA


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