Bahrain sheikh sued for $42.5 M as deal to meet film star sours

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A member of the Bahraini royal family has been dragged to court in London by an international businessman in a fallout over an agreement on meeting Bollywood film stars. The Egyptian businessman, Ahmed Adel Abdallah, alleged that Sheikh Hamad Isa Ali Al Khalifa, a distant cousin of the current King of Bahrain, had given him a list of 26 stars he wished to meet but reneged after meeting four, including Shah Rukh Khan. Ahmed, who was the facilitator for the meetings, is claiming $42.5 million from the sheikh.

The oral deal, alleged Ahmed, was for his company to exclusively arrange for Bollywood stars to meet the Bahrain national “for 15-25 minutes for $1.5 million per meeting, with a bonus $500,000 for every third meeting”.

Denying any further payment was due from him, Sheikh Hamad told the court, “Although it was understood that the first claimant (Ahmed) would be remunerated for his services, there was no agreement on any specific sums and no agreement on exclusivity.” He also said that Ahmed declined to disclose how much it cost him to arrange the meetings. He said that by April 2016, as Ahmed was “making demands for very large sums to arrange further meetings”, which he said he “did not want,” he terminated the authority he had given him to arrange the meetings.



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