Bahrain: Shops Violating Precautionary Closure In Investigation

The Public Prosecution announced that it had started an investigation into a number of commercial stores which violated the precautionary closure decision and others who violated health requirements and procedures that must be followed in the current situation towards containing the outbreak of coronavirus.

The Public Prosecution has launched its investigations into a number of violations, interrogating the defendants and ordering the release of one of the violators on a caution money of 2000 dinars and two other defendants on for 1,000 dinars for each, in preparation for their referral to the criminal court, in addition to putting the violating stores subject to legal capacity.

Where the law decides, for violations of health procedures and measures, for a penalty of imprisonment for up to three years and a fine of up to ten thousand dinars, and a fine for the stores where the violations took place, twice the decided fine.

On the other hand, the Chief Prosecutor stressed that the Public Prosecution is keen to implement the provisions of the law firmly against anyone who violates the imposed health procedures and measures.


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