Bahrain shuts eight illegal domestic labour supply agencies

Eight domestic labourer supply agencies were shut down yesterday by the Labour Market Regulatory Authority for operating without a licence.

The agencies, LMRA said, were charging clients for their services on an hourly basis. LMRA said the campaign resulted in the arrest of 16 expatriate workers –both men and women– for violating Labour and Residency laws in the Kingdom.

The arrested workers, LMRA said, also included those who had left work in violation of their work permits. Offences found during the campaign include using and supplying domestic workers without an LMRA licence.

LMRA officials referred all the violators to the competent authority to face legal action. Separately, LMRA took legal actions against several for labour and residency law violations during an inspection campaign in the Northern Governorate.

The campaign targeted shops, worksites and labour accommodations in cooperation with the Nationality, Passports and Residence Affairs (NPRA) of the Ministry of Interior and the Northern Governorate Police Directorate. LMRA officials called all to report labour violations to the authority through or by calling 17506055.



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