Bahrain shuts fuel supply to Sanabis gas station over violations

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Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco) yesterday confirmed that it stopped supplying fuel to a gas station run by Sanabis Cooperative Consumer Society for failing to adhere to the contractual terms, in response to social media claims that the closure impacted 30 jobs. “The Sanabis Cooperative Station has not complied with its contractual agreements with Bapco,” the statement said, adding that they are ceasing the fuel supply “until full compliance to the contractual agreement.

”. Earlier yesterday, the Sanabis Cooperative Consumer Society announced through an Instagram post that they are closing its gas station until further notice. The society also blamed the closure on the non-supply of fuel by Bapco. Meanwhile, several who came to the station to fill gas told AlAyam, our sister concern, that there were surprised by the closures of the lanes for “Good 91” and “Excellent 95” fuels.

“We had to fill tanks with Super 98 fuel, which was available.” AlAyam report said Diesel stock was not affected at that time. The report, however, warned that the Diesel and Super 98 supply would cease to exist without restoring supply.

AlAyam report also claimed “financial arrears” as the reason for supply stoppage. The report also said the standoff affected the jobs of over 30 employees at the Sanabis station and association. “Workers complain that if the issue is not settled, it will affect their livelihood and their families.” 



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