Bahrain: Significant Increase in Inspections to Combat Illegal Labour Practices

The Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) has affirmed its commitment to intensify inspection campaigns across all governorates to regulate the Labour market and address illegal practices.

Noora Isa Mubarak, LMRA’s Acting Deputy Chief Executive for Enforcement and Protection, said that maintaining a stable work environment that safeguards the rights of all is a top priority for the LMRA.

She stressed that violations will not be tolerated, pointing to the continued inspection campaigns and visits in coordination with the concerned government bodies.

Mubarak added that during the first quarter of this year, LMRA carried out more than 10,000 joint inspection campaigns, a 56 percent increase compared to the same period of 2022, and the number of violations registered against workers without a work permit reached 983 violations, while the number of deported workers increased five folds.

She called on employers to abide by the laws and regulations and to verify procedures to avoid any legal liabilities, stressing on the importance of dealing with only regular workers, and not hiring workers until after completing the process for issuing a work permit and paying the prescribed fees.

Mubarak also urged all irregular workers to correct their legal status either by joining a new employer; or voluntary return to their homeland; or joining the Labour Registration Program for those who are eligible as per the terms and conditions set.


Bahrain News Agency

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