Bahrain: Six men arrested over attempt to murder police officers

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Six Bahrainis, aged between 16 and 26, burned tyres in a bid to lure police officers into an area in Nuwaidrat in order to kill them, court files revealed. The men are said to have planted an explosive device before the police officers arrived, purposely to kill maximum police officers.

“We were called to go to Nuwaidrat because a riot broke out in the area. There were 20 to 25 masked rioters when we reached,” an officer who was among the teams dispatched recounted the events occurred prior the explosion.

“Suddenly, a blast occurred and one officer was wounded, while our patrol car got damaged. The officer was taken to the hospital for treatment,” he added.

According to court files, police officers combed the area and found eight firebombs and 22 bottles which were intended to be used as Molotov cocktails. Police investigations established the involvement of the six men in plotting the attack. The second defendant, however, admitted to taking part in the riot but ruled out the connection between him and the blast.

“When I met [the third defendant] I was told that they would attack police officers. And I met others one hour before the assault. We were given iron rods and firebombs. Then we headed to the area where we were expecting police officers to arrive,” the second defendant said.

The six men will be tried before the High Criminal Court on charges of attempting to murder police officers, rioting, possessing firebombs as well as bombing.


Source Credit: DT news


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