Bahrain: Solar-Powered Parking Meters To Be Installed Soon

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Solar-powered meters will be installed for 2,400 parking lots in Muharraq and Southern Governorates, as reported in Daily Tribune.

As many as 160 parking meters will be installed on the road between Muharraq and Southern Governorate by the end of the current quarter, according to Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning.

The new meters will be cover nine roads in Muharraq and four in Southern Governorate. Each parking meters will cover several parking spaces, up to 20 parking spaces per meter.

“All the new meters installed so far are working fine and we have had good results and good feedback of it. The project is going as per plan at the moment, we got good support from the supplier which made things a lot easier,” he pointed out.

Comparing the new meters to the old ones, he said, “The concept is the same. It is that you put coins and it allocates the time and functions.

“But a significant advantage is that while the old ones use one machine per parking space, the new ones would function for 20 parking spaces.

“The old ones were inconvenient to maintain while the new ones are more energy efficient and easy to maintain.”

According to experts, solar-powered meters have many operational advantages. These meters would increase the payment options for customers, enhance revenues, reduce maintenance costs and improve on-street or in-lot aesthetics.


Source Credit: DT News


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