Bahrain: Sponsor Rescues Runaway Maid from Prostitution Ring

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A housemaid who escaped her sponsor’s house and was forced to practise prostitution by a gang of human traffickers was rescued from the suspects by the same sponsor she escaped from.

The victim told prosecutors that she escaped her sponsor’s house and met the female defendant, who took her to an apartment in Salmabad area, where she met the two other defendants. The two men informed the victim that she will be working as a prostitute in return of certain amounts of money. The victim said she was held in captivity when she rejected the defendants’ demands. She also said she was forced to have sexual intercourse with men in return of money that the defendants received.

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After a certain period, she was given a mobile phone and she immediately called her sponsor. The sponsor notified the security authorities and a special team was immediately formed. The team raided the apartment, arrested the trio and rescued the victim.


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