Bahrain: Stealing Spree Ends As Police Nab Gang Members

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A gang of elusive shop thieves, who allegedly carried out stealing spree at many shops, were finally nabbed by police. The gang members are accused of carrying out thefts at automobile spare part shops.

One shop owner alone reported a theft worth over BD2, 000. The gang members allegedly stole spare parts as well as cash from the shop. Investigations revealed that the gang was involved in 10 similar thefts in the Naim area.

CCTV footage from a shop adjoining the place, where the theft took place was examined and officers concluded that a man with his face covered, who alighted from a white sedan was the prime suspect.

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The suspects were identified and called to the police station. When confronted with evidence, they initially refused to admit they were involved but they confessed to the crime when they were shown all the CCTV footage and other evidence.

It emerged later that the suspects had been involved in a series of similar thefts and in carrying out the latest theft; they had stolen the minibus from the Naim area. In all, the gang admitted having carried out 10 thefts in the area. The investigation head confirmed the police were making all efforts to control such incidents and bring the culprits to justice.

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