Bahrain: “Stray Dogs’ Terror” in Arad

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Citizens and residents of block 246 in Arad continue to suffer from the problem of stray dogs. The report noted that the stray dogs’ terror continues without a serious solution from the relevant authorities to maintain the safety of all in general and children in particular.

Residents and citizens said that they submitted many complaints via the hotline of the Ministry of Works, Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning. The complaints indicated that stray dogs were touring the residential neighborhoods freely and created terror. They pointed out that there has been almost no response from the ministry.

A number of employees and officials in the ministry were also contacted in this regard. But they responded saying that they cannot get the stray dogs into the cages. The municipal members have been in instant contact with various authorities to reach a fundamental solution to put an end to this situation.

Stray dogs are sneaking into houses and making the neighborhoods unsafe for all of the residents. With the numbers increasing, the flocks of stray dogs tour the neighborhood day and night. 

The residents expressed their astonishment at assigning the task of hunting stray dogs to the cleaning company workers, as they are not trained for this task.


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