Bahrain: Street Vendors to Face Legal Persecution

Street vendors in Bahrain
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A proposal with a desire regarding taking the necessary legal measures against street vendors has been recently approved. This was announced by the Public Utilities and Parliamentary Environment Committee. It justified the approval saying that there was no official license to practice this type of activity in all areas like public markets, roads, and places of worship. The committee noted that this type of activity requires avoiding the consequent disruption of traffic and endangering people’s lives, given the impact of street vendors on the licensed institutions.

A number of municipalities in the four governorates carried out campaigns against random and unlicensed street vendors as a part of their continuous efforts to curb this phenomenon. 

Following these campaigns, a large number of illegal temporary places that sell fruits and vegetables were removed.

Municipality officials confirm that street vendors take car parking sites as a center to display their goods, which did not meet the health requirements, namely vegetables, fruits, and other food items. This, they added, has a negative impact on citizens’ and residents’ health. Moreover, these illegal and unlicensed vendors form illegal competitors for licensed shops.


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