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Bahrain: Stunt drivers and noisy car exhaust violaters arrested

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A number of stunt drivers and noisy car exhaust violators were arrested and their vehicles were confiscated. 

The drivers violated traffic safety rules by disrupting traffic by showing off, drifting, and producing noisy sounds from the vehicle’s exhaust. The directorate noted that these were considered traffic violations, especially in residential areas. The directorate said that it is monitoring most areas in the country and these drivers were arrested after receiving several reports from families and residents stating that they are disturbed.

The directorate has earlier announced there will be zero-tolerance for wrong practices, such as stunt driving and noisy car exhaust. It added that violators will face a vehicle confiscation for a month and other legal punishments.

The announcement urged all road users to adhere to traffic regulations and rules in order to enjoy activities and events that are part of the National Day’s celebrations and holidays. It called on all road users to celebrate in a civilized way that achieves the public safety of all.

The General Directorate of Traffic stressed that punishments were allocated for any ill behaviors or violations that would disturb the safety, disrupt the traffic and infringement on the freedoms of citizens and residents such as stunt driving, drifting and noisy car exhaust.


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