Bahrain: Tamkeen programmes to develop high-potential sectors

Bahrain’s labour fund Tamkeen has launched new programmes aimed at developing high-potential sectors and creating job opportunities in the Kingdom, in line with the National Economic Recovery Programme.

The strategy focuses on high-potential sectors that contribute to sustainable economic growth, the creation of high-quality jobs, and the introduction of new income sources.

Tamkeen will continue to support both enterprises and individuals, encouraging their growth and adaptability, along with fostering an innovative mindset thus ensuring continuity and contribution to the national economy, Tamkeen’s CEO said.

Accordingly, a series of new programmes and initiatives designed to deliver this impact have been announced. They will be introduced gradually over the upcoming period. The first 15 programmes were announced during the annual 2022 Consultation Forum.

The 15 programmes are an enhancement of Tamkeen’s offering, adopting a new incentive-based approach that encourages enterprises to grow and expand by motivating them to achieve the best possible results. These programmes will allow enterprises to also play a key role in furthering digital transformation by adopting new technologies to improve productivity, flexibility, and increase profits, while also presenting opportunities for creativity and innovation in the face of challenges within the local market.

Tamkeen will also continue to incentivise individuals and enterprises that demonstrate the potential to grow, learn new skills, adopt technology, and achieve the high impact results, to become competitive both locally and globally – ensuring they remain the employee of choice in the labour market, he said.

Tamkeen also unveiled its new brand identity which complements the transformational phase the organization is undergoing. The new identity represents the importance of change, a principle that will be reflected in all internal practices and initiatives and is symbolised through a new logo.


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