Bahrain: Tea Shops and Cafeterias Openly Violate Rules

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Many tea shops and cafeterias across the Kingdom continue to flout rules by selling food items that they are not permitted to prepare. Food safety is another concern as many safety norms are flouted by these cafeterias.

According to sources, inadequate spaces without required permits are being used to prepare food and in many cases, the conditions are unhygienic as well.

“Many of the shops here are not operating as per law. Some of the cafeterias are preparing sweet items such as zalabia even though it is not allowed.

“In case of tea shops, they are selling breakfasts and other meals which they are not allowed to do,” the sources added.

This has drawn the ire of restaurant owners in the area, who say their business has been adversely affected because of such cafeterias and business. 

“We have a restaurant that has been operating for many decades. A tea shop launched near our shop four months back is greatly affecting our revenues as they have started selling food items for breakfast and other meals. They are paying a small rent so they are able to sell food items cheaper. Moreover, they are unhygienic and take little care in food preparation”, a restaurateur told sources.

Another restaurateur earlier told that he has complained to the authorities about one of the shops operating illegally. “I have notified the authorities about one of the shops that have been operating illegally. It is important that action is taken against these shops because it is harming people’s health.”

Hussain, a resident in the area, said that cafeterias selling Indian and Arabian sweets have become a common sight.


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