Bahrain: Teacher Controversy Tightens, Security Guard Hired to Teach

Rumors that a security guard was hired to teach created a rift on social media.
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The Ministry of Education officials refuted rumours that a security guard was hired to teach some subjects at a government school. The rumour made its way to the parliament and MPs officially questioned Education Ministry officials regarding the same. However, the rumour was regarded as unfounded.

The Ministry of Education was previously victim to another rumour when a document was circulated online, showing that Bahrain is recruiting around 40 teachers from Egypt for the next school year. This raised concerns over the Education Ministry’s (MoE) alleged reluctance to recruit unemployed Bahraini teachers. The Education Ministry denied that the published reports were authentic and affirmed that hiring Bahrainis is a top priority.

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The Education Ministry is finalising the recruitment procedures of a total of 797 Bahraini teachers, who had graduated from the Bahrain Teachers’ College, as well as from universities in Bahrain and abroad.

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