Bahrain: Teacher Convicted of Student Assault Loses Appeal

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The First Supreme Criminal Court of Appeal recently rejected a plea submitted by a teacher who was previously convicted of assaulting a student and “unintentionally” causing him permanent disability.

According to court files, the teacher was sentenced last year to six months’ imprisonment. His appeal against the verdict was filed after exceeding the allowed period to file petitions against verdicts, hence it was rejected by the court.

The details of the case show that the incident occurred in February of 2019. The teacher apparently shoved the student inside the classroom, causing him to fall face-first on one of the studying desks. The fall broke some of the boy’s front teeth and injured his upper jaw.

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After reviewing the medical reports, the Public Prosecution charged the teacher of unintentionally causing a permanent disability of one per cent to the victim before referring the case to the court. At the court, the teacher was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment. However, the court suspended the execution of the sentence for three years.


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