Bahrain: Teachers to Start Working From Home on Sunday

The Ministry of Education gave the green light, allowing all teachers to work from home as from Sunday, corresponding to the 5th of April, 2020.

It is also in line with the Civil Service Bureau (CSB) directive 6 of 2020,  allowing ministries, entities and government departments to increase the rate of distance work to 70% as a maximum.

Meanwhile, the administrative and technical staff will continue performing their work at schools, in addition to other ministry’s personnel.

Husbands whose wives assume vital duties at the front line of the fight against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) will also be allowed to work from home.

The ministry will continue assigning some teachers to carry out lessons  online learning lessons during this period as the country continues its battle to contain COVID-19 pandemic.

The administrative and technical staff will will follow up teachers’s work in coordination with the ministry’s competent directorate. Schools will be required to submit regular reports updating the ministry on the ongoing work-from-home procedure, as per the CSB circular.

Under the CSB instructions, employees may be required to perform their duties alternately from their homes and work places, whenever necessary and subject to the authorities’ review.


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