Bahrain: Telecommunications investments topped $2 billion in ten years

Investments in the telecommunications sector topped $2 billion during the period running from 2009 until 2019 in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Transportation and Telecommunications Minister Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed released the figures as he took part in the 3rd Annual E-Payments and Online Banking summit.

The two-day summit which was opened today remotely via video-conference is being organized by EastMed, under the patronage of the Central Bank of Bahrain.

“Bahrain is proceeding with its plans to invest in the telecommunications sector and develop the necessary infrastructure”, he said, pointing out that the Kingdom ranked 31st globally in the ITU Information and Communication Technology Development Index (2017), which reflects the great progress Bahrain has made over the years. Past in this area

He said that Bahrain has set up a regulatory framework that stems from a long-term vision, adding that the developments in all sectors of digital services are positive indications that the Kingdom is on the right path.

He stressed particularly the availability of high-speed national broadband, deploying commercial 5G services, and enhancing readiness for next-generation ICT services.

He underlined the impact of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, which contributed to an increase in demand for Internet services and technical solutions to support the economy.

EastMed Regional Director Isa Sayyar, stressed that the summit comes in line with Bahrain’s 2030 vision and similar Gulf visions and global trends.

He stressed the importance of creating diversified economies and sources of income through strategic coordination and cooperation. Between the public and private sectors, in order to achieve the goals of those visions and strategies.


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