Bahrain: Third Hottest September In 117 Years

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Bahrain’s Meteorological Directorate (BMD) reported that the month of September 2019 goes on record as the third hottest September ever experienced in Bahrain since 1902.

The mean temperature of the month was 34.4 C which is 2.0 C above the long-term normal for September and this goes on record as the third highest mean temperatures for the month of September since 1902 and exceeded by September 2017 with a record of 34.6 C and September 1998, 2015 & 2018 with a record of 34.5 C.

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It is worth mentioning that September 2019 was the second sunniest September since the sunshine records began in 1968 whereby the monthly total hour of sunshine recorded was 337.4 hours and exceeded by September 2014 with a record of 339.8 hours.


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