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Bahrain: This property is offering a guaranteed 8% return on investment

More and more people are looking for somewhere to invest their hard earned money for a better return. Kazerooni Heights offers just that!

One of the easiest ways to enter the real estate market is to do so as an investor. However, it is not always easy to find developers that offer high returns for their properties. Today, we’re delving deeper on Kazerooni Height’s investment scheme.

Why invest in Kazerooni Heights?

Kazerooni Heights offers investors apartments that are guaranteed to generate high returns. Below is a simplified table of how much you’ll be earning when you choose their “8% Return on Investment for 5 Years” option.

Size of ApartmentStarting Apartment PriceTotal Return on Investment for 5 yearsAnnual Cash Income
1 Bedroom Unit (88sqm)BD83,600BD 33,440BD 6,688
2 Bedroom Unit (128sqm)BD121,600BD 48,640BD 9,728
2 Bedroom Unit (164sqm)BD151,700BD 60,680BD 12,136
2 Bedroom + Maid’s Unit (167sqm)BD158,650BD 63,460BD 12,692
3 Bedroom + Maid’s Unit (253sqm)BD253,000BD 101,200BD 20,240
3 Bedroom Duplex Unit (247sqm)BD247,000BD BD 98,800BD 19,760
*Total return on investment varies depending on the size of apartment.
*Investment option: 8% return on investment per year in 5 years

The above investment scheme allows you to own the apartment and receive an income yield of 8% annually for a term of 5 years. The payment of the income yield is guaranteed by postdated cheques issued by the developer.

The highlight of this investment, however, are the breathtaking, fully-equipped and bespoke apartments – something that most developers in Bahrain fail to deliver. If you choose to invest with Kazerooni Heights, you’ll be able to take advantage of their brand new apartments that are ready to move in.

You also don’t have to worry about anything else as the property has a ready title deed! When you pay the apartment purchase price in full, you will receive all the documents necessary to transfer the title of the property to your name and obtain the title deed from the Survey and Land Registration Bureau.

Moreover, all service charges relating to the building and Amwaj Island, as well as maintenance expenses, will be covered by the developer for these 5 years.

If that’s not enough reason to wow you, read more about why it’s important to choose a trusted developer like Kazerooni Group here.


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